bench guy

This is my new friend. He's a bit hard headed.


This is an informational site for my 10-week DREU research project at Notre Dame University. Now, I don't wanna say that I was forced to do this … but I was forced to do this. It's part of my requirements for the program. But I figured if I'm going to make a website anyway, I might as well try to have fun. I hope you don't mind the informal nature of the site. If you want to check out my project, head over to the Project page. If you want to find out more about me, try the Kenta page.

So why "Selfies at south bend?" Well, the culture shock of coming from Brooklyn and Vassar College to South Bend and Notre Dame was pretty daunting. I thought the best way to deal with all of the new (mostly religious) stuff I was encountering was to take a lot of selfies with them! Results have varied. Probably would not recommend.

Edit 8/6/14: And finally, if you want to read my final report on the project, here it is.
I'd like to thank the DREU program, the wonderful people at Notre Dame University, my grad student Yiji Zhang, and my mentor Professor Santelices for providing such a fantastic learning opportunity and a productive summer. Thanks everybody!