More About Me

I am a rising senior at Harvey Mudd College. I am a joint CS/Math major. I will graduate in May, 2014.

This summer I am doing research at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. I'm very fortunate to be working under the guidance of Professor Yuqing Melanie Wu, in the Computer Science and Informatics department. Professor Wu's research involves databases, as well as data integration and data mining.

My long term goal is to contribute to the field of cryptography, an interest which started freshman year of college when I read “Cryptography Decrypted” by H. X. Mel and Doris Baker. I have been self-studying the algorithms and various encryption schemes presented in this textbook and in various online resources. I am especially interested in the math-heavy algorithms commonly used in cryptography, such as algorithms for quickly finding prime numbers and efficiently performing modulo operations.

I am also very interested in computer science and math education.

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