Aric Hunter

Computer Scientist


Create software for the betterment of others, whether that be creating an app to help people with disabilities, developing test harnesses to guarantee usability, or making a game to bring a little joy. I want the software I develop to make a positive impact and hopefully I can increase my skills as a programmer along the way.


Mobile Development

Experience developing apps for both iOS and Android.


Expereince developing database management systems and databases.


Familiar with design and implementation of debuggers, compilers, languages, and algorithms.


Space Shooter

Android Development


Wanting to learn mobile development, I decided to make a simple Android game using the AndEngine.

Space Shooter - Moon Mission

Tablature Player

Text to Music


This is a piece of software that I personally use in order to listen to the guitar tablature I play/write. At the time, I was learning about parsers, so I wrote a parser to go through the guitar tablature and then used a java library called jfugue to convert the tablature into music.

Tablature Player (skip to 2:50 for demo)

Braille Teaching Apps

iOS Development


Creating iOS applications that turn Braille learning into a game. The apps had to be usable by visually impaired persons, so gestures and VoiceOver were critical.

V-Braille Project


Harvey Mudd College - Claremont, California

Bachelor's in Computer Science, minoring in Spanish (2014) — 3.3 GPA

Aric Hunter —