Hi, my name's Darnell Keith Coleman Jr.. The school I attend is "The" Wonderfull Morehouse College located in Atlanta, Ga.
I am a Computer Science major with a niche
for business. I am currently in my senior year and will be finishing my undergraduate degree December of 2013. Please feel free to email me at colsey2009@yahoo.com.

My research mentor's name is Juan E. Gilbert. He's the chair of Human-Centered Computing here at Clemson University,
where he also directs a lab. He is definitely one of the biggest names here at Clemson University, especially in the departments of computer science and throughout the field
of Human Centered Computing(HCC). Here, check out his website: www.juangilbert.com

Being that I am well verse in web
development, I have choosen to take on the
task of the online voting portal, PRIMEIII.
This system is one that will allow all
individual the tight to vote no matter
what the disability, through speech, breath,
touch and voice. More specifically, I will be
creating the online ballot creator so that
administrators will be able to create their
own elections/ballots. This task will
intensely test my overall web skills, and I am
ready for the challenge.

-may 27
First week was great. I was able to settle
in and get ready for the week. Clemson
is definitely a beautiful campus. Monday
I was able to meet a couple of people
even though it was Memorial Day.
Everyone was cool and seemed to be very
happy about being here. We had a cookout
the same day as well. Tuesday
I went into the lab and
met the people who
I would be working
with. The project
I'm actually
taking on is
this online
voting system.
This will be very
nice since I not only
enjoy developing
websites but the backend
I what I most love.

-june 3
This week was very good. I designed the
first part of the usern interface for the
primeIII ballot creator tool. I actually
found my self asking for more work.
I'm pretty sufficient in html and css so
it did take very long to complete that
first task. I really can't wait until I
start interacting with the
database though. Thats
what I really enjoy.
The joy of server
request and
response. I am
having lots of
fun and everyone
I am around is
working hard
and keeping each
other very mottivated.
I wonder what the
upcoming week will hold for me.

-june 10
I was still finishing some add on features
of the user interface for the sign up
and sign in potions of the portal.
There were a couple of corrections
needed to be made as well. Its definitely
allot of going back and fourth to make
sure you not only meet the group
requirements but the advisor,
Dr. Gilbert's,
requirements as well.
He wasn't too
stiff on what we
had already
Everything was
smooth and the
jokes and laughs
around the lab we
quite amusing. I also got
to tamper with the database
as well. That was pretty cool. I've really never ssh through the command line to work on the database. So far everything has been great and I really like everything.

-june 17
The week was great everything is falling
in place with the interface and I tell you
it is really some work. I really enjoy
this but i never really had a challenge
like this. I know when I complete this
project there will not be anything
concerning web development thats
past my experience or
intelligence. My
graduate advisor is
really liking how
it looks and
everthing. I have
a great
feeling about
how it is
turning out, and
I know Dr. Gilbert
will be excited about
our group's progress as
well. I know I am. Next week I
will be completely done with the functionality and will be adding the database to start saving information. I have really created a survey monkey interface and it is almost all the way functional. It's truly something.

-june 24
I finally finished the last edting function
for the ballot creator and boy was it
a little challenge but I stayed at it.
I am now about to start writting the
php and connecting everything to the
database. There are a couple of more questions that Dr. Gilbert needs to
answer before we can move
foward but everything is
looking ahead of
schedule as of now.
That's the most
exciting part
for me anyway.
I love php. Im
ready to start
information in

-July 1
Work is looking good; I'm still working
on connecting PHP scripts and storing
information on the database. The flow
of the site is working great and my
group member thinks we are ahead of
schedule. In about two weeks
everything should be good to go. We had
a group meeting this week about
the trip we would be taking
to Orlando, Florida in
a couple weeks. We
are going to
have a great
time. We are
actually having
a Portal

-july 8
Last week was great. I got alot of work
done. Fortunately, I was able to finish
up on database connections. I am
currently still adding scripts and
making smooth ajax calls. I am
prepping the backend for the different
phases of this website, like storing and
bringing back inforamation. A site
like this has to be able to
send and get back
information on
demand. The site
operates exactly
how a jotform
or survey
monkey would.
The trip is
next week, and
I am so excited.

-july 15
This is the week of our trip. I am going to
have so much fun. We actually leave
today, yes!!!! I had a great time. I mean
it was exactly what I expected. This
started my week off super right. This
week we had no meeting but you better
believe work still got done. All scripts
are now working, and I am storing and fetching information from
the database with bugs
:-( !!!!

-july 22
Everything is good and working we have
a meeting this week. He liked it. A lot of
people didn't think I would be able to
accomplish my goal. Look at me now.
I've done it and it feels good.

-june 29
My last meeting was this week and
everything was good. I want to say
thank you to the DREU program and
thank you Dr. Gilbert for giving me a
chance. I wish everyone well.

The summer was great. I pushed my self to
places I have never taken myself. This was
actually my first research and Dr. Gilbert
has said nothing but high things about
me. It hasn't been easy, but I new that
given the opportunity I was going
to come out on top no matter what.
I would like to thank who all believed
in me. I also would like to thank who
ever didn't believe in me; I think they
pushed me the most. I would like to
say thanks to all and I hope
to see you in the
near future.

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