DREU Summer Research at CU- Boulder


I am conducting research at the University of Colorado at Boulder. I am in the DACS lab, the home of the CU Language Project. The focus of the lab is on how children between the ages of one and four process language. We are also interested in how children learn language. Our studies are fun cognitive tests that focus on a specific aspect of language learning.

There are many other undergraduate students in the lab, working a varying number of hours. Some of them are doing this for credit and others are volunteers. We also have a lab manager and a graduate student in the lab.

During the summer I will be working on a variety of projects, focusing on two main ones. I will be working to model a neural net using Bayesian probabilities to determine the outcome. I will also be one of several undergraduates that are helping on a behavioral study that is looking at animal sounds and children’s choices of either a line drawing or a picture of a novel object (depending on the condition), or the novel object itself (see the research project page in the sidebar for more details). Look for more in my journal in the weeks to come!