Pill Identification Project

The goal of the pill identifier is to provide seniors with a mobile application that can improve their medication adherence rate. There are three goals that the application will target in solving the medication adherence problem.

  • First, the application aims to simplify the process of keeping track of and updating changes to seniors’ daily complex set of medication regimen.
  • Second, the pill identifier will provide data regarding the user’s medication adherence behavior thus allowing the user and or their doctor to track medication regimen progress.
  • Finally, the application will help user refill prescription thus preventing outdated medication or missing intake.

The consequences of medication non-adherence not only may cause harm to patients themselves, but it is also a cause of great deal of stress upon care takers and family members of the patient. Medication non-adherence creates problems such as omitting a dose, taking more medication than prescribed, taking outdated or damaged medications, and much much more. With issues such as these comes the possibility of patients emerging with new symptoms. As a result they may be remitted into hospitals then later on having to deal with more invasive treatments. Not only is this taxing on the patient and the family, it is also very costly to the health care system. With this project, the main goal is to create an application that can best alleviate the difficulties that comes with senior medication adherence.