About me

Name: Amanreet Bajwa
School: Colorado School of Mines, Golden, CO
Major: Computer Science
Email: abajwa at mines.edu

I am currently a senior/masters student at Colorado School of Mines, which is a small engineering school located in the foothills of the mountains in Golden Colorado. I am currently working on my B.S. as well as my M.S. in Computer Science. I plan to graduate with my B.S. in May 2012 and my M.S. in December 2012.

I am interested in a wide variety of topics in Computer Science. My main interest is game developement, particularly educational games. I am also interested in artifical intelligence, graphics, web applications, mobile applications, and robotics all of which I hope to gain more knowledge in while I continue my coursework and beyond.

During Summer 2011, I am working on a DREU project at Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO.