This summer, I participated in a research project aimed at creating a 5 year old virtual patient and her mother. The virtual patient is a dialogue-based human project created to aid in training student nurses at the Clemson University School of Nursing. It was created to improve their clinical interview skills using different question to matching answer scenarios. To simulate the interview, the student nurse presents a series of questions to the virtual patient. In turn the virtual patient responds with the appropriate answer.

The application has different components to it which includes DI-GUY and Motion Editor to create the character and environment along with the characters animation, Dragon NaturallySpeaking for the Speech Recognition, where the student nurses speech is converted into text, the database with a timer control table to ensure the virtual characters speech and animation happens in response to a question asked by the nurse and the other tables in the database with the questions and answers pertaining to the patient-nurse interaction scenario.

My focus was on implementing the database processes to retrieve the matching questions to answers via behind the scenes coding and queries.

At the end of the project, I will have a complete course of work that can be found at the Final Project link.


Child and Mother