Weekly Journal

Week One: June 1

I had to start my DREU Experience by first learning Emory University's campus. I know I rode around the campus at least 10 times looking for buildings and parking but eventually I found the Mathematics and Sciences Building. Due to my lack of knowledge in the areas of Privacy Preserving and Record Linkage, I began my research experience by doing alot of reading. These are the following papers I began to read this week:

Efficent Private Record Linkage.

Blocking-Aware Private Record Linkage.

Privacy Preserving Schema and Data Matching.

Duplicate Record Detection.

BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making.

Outside of the internship I did nothing. I spent most of my time trying to mentally get adjusted to Atlanta. I am used to only driving 15 minutes at the most to get to a friend's house. In Atlanta nothing is close by, so I didn't really leave my cousin's house because gas was not cheap. I did learn how to get to Emory, my roommate's, LaToya, parents' house and back to my cousin's house. Covington Highway was my best friend! I did become addicted to Quik Trip Slushes. I had to have one everyday. I always got the same one, Watermelon mixed with Green Apple.

Week Two: June 8

During our meeting, Li and I discussed the correct and effective way to read research papers. She told me to read critically and take notes. Also, I am to write a summary on each paper I read and the summary should include the main problem, techniques proposed for the problem, what I liked about the paper and its solution to the problem, what I disliked about the paper and its solution to the problem, and what I would do to help the problem.


My little sister 18th birthday was June 12th so I went home for a family road trip to Tallahassee, Florida. We learned that taking my 2year old baby sister on an hour and fifteen minute road trip without a portable DVD player is a disaster! She loves SpongeBob & Dora and when she can't watch them she acts like it's the end of the world! When we got to Tallahassee, we went to the Governor's Square mall then to Olive Garden and lastly to Best Buy. I wasn't feeling well that week, but I made sure I was there for my sister on her first day of adulthood.

Week Three: June 15

During week three, I continued reading the research papers and summarizing them. Li planned a luncheon meeting for Hitaxi and I to meet a few graduate students. We had an interesting conversation about graduate school funding and classes, Ph.D programs, and job placement among other things.

Week Four: June 22

Reading about FRIL, which is also known as fine-grained integration and linkage tool. FRIL can be used for comparative record linkage. It can be very helpful in privacy preserving record linkage with comparing records.

Week Five: June 29

Read one research paper from the group of research papers given to me during first few weeks of the internship. I was asked by Li to prepare a board presentation on the paper. The presentation is due by the next weekly group meeting. I skimmed over the different paper during the remainder of the week in order to choose the one I would like to present.

Week Six: July 6

The paper I chose was Privacy Preserving Schema & Data Matching. During the weekly group meeting I began to present my presentation. Unfortunately, I became a little overwhelmed with nervousness and could not make it through my presentation. I knew the information but my thoughts became blank. Luckily for me, Li is a very patient and understanding and she gave me a second chance to present next week.


Darla, Alex & LaToya took the road trip to Atlanta with me. One day while i was in my office, they left to do whatever they had to do. When they came back, Darla had bought the new Big Boi(of Outkast) Sir luscious Left foot album. After they picked me up, we stopped by to see our friend Mike from school at his my office in Downtown Atlanta. During that visit we discovered Mike and Darla had never met before. We stood outside the office talking for about 30 minutes. We tried to get Mike to buy us gas so we can drive all around the city, but he wouldn't so we went back to Albany early. I drove until we got right outside of Atlanta, then I got sleepy and I stopped at a gas station to take a nap. Darla wasn't happy with me stopping to take a nap, so she hopped in the driver's seat and drove the rest of the way home.

Week Seven: July 13

I spent the entire next week preparing for a make-up presentation over the Privacy Preserving Schema and Data Matching paper. I used the research paper reading skills that Li gave me and read. As I was reading, I broke the paper down into parts and purposes. The first question used to help me read and understand the paper was "What is the purpose of this paper?". Then from there I continued on to break sound the paper section by section to better understand what the paper is about and the significance of that section to the topic.


Latoya Alex & I dub this week the Rick Ross Teflon Don week. We road all around Atlanta listening to the Teflon Don album. While we were there we stopped by LaToya's parents' house so she could see her family. When her little sister got home from school she was really excited to see LaToya.

Week Eight & Nine: July 20-August 2

The goal of weeks 8 and 9 is to review the implementation of the paper, download its data set and reproduce the experiments that had all previously been done. Luckily for me, the graduate student I was paired with, Liyue, had actually done all of the work and knew where it was located. I sent her a quick email and she told me where to find the work.


Our group meeting was at Top Spice, a Thai restaurant. I am very open-minded about trying new things. I had never been to a Thai restaurant before so this was a new experience for me. There were about 10 people at our table so we ordered almost 10 different dishes. I tried every dish on the table. As usual, there were some dishes I liked and some I dish liked. I specifically did not like anything with peanut sauce and I am not a fan of baked fish. After we finished eating, we made our way back to campus. My friends Latoya & Alex come to Atlanta with me. After I left the office for the day, we hung out at Stonecrest Mall one day. I met some of Latoya classmates from high school that go to college in Mississippi.

Week Ten: August 3

While trying to run the experiments previously created from the privacy record linkage and schema matching paper, I also had to learn how to use the Eclipse software. In the beginning I kept downloading the wrong Eclipse software. At my home institution, we have only jGrasp and NetBeans. When I finally downloaded the eclipse classic software, I tried to just run the programs from where they were already saved on the experiments. That didn't work so I had to review the Eclipse tutorials. While going through the tutorials I had to keep the Google search open to research the various components of Eclipse. Eventually the tutorials began to bore me so I only used Google search to get straight to the point. I researched how to import files, run and debugging programs, and create new programs. The biggest problem I had was running the programs which, but I watched a tutorial on YouTube about how to use Eclipse.


During this last week some of my close friends, LaToya and Mona-Lisa came to Atlanta and we went to a Jamaican club. It was a different experience for me because I am used to hip-hop or jazz clubs. Reggae music takes you to an entirely different place. The people that were in the club were around our parents' age. I really wasn't too excited to be there so I sat down the entire time. We did have a good time though.