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Intern:Courtney A. Beach

Research Institution: Emory University

Privacy Preserving Record Linkage: Techniques and Experimental Evaluations


Courtney A. Beach
21 years-old
Computer Science major
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Albany State University
Albany, GA


Dr. Li Xiong
Associate Professor of Computer Science
Emory University
Mathematics and Computer Science Department
Areas of Research:
Distributed Data and Information Management
Data Privacy and Security
Biomedical and Health Informatics

Research Project Desciption and Goals

The objective of privacy preserving record linkage is to allow two parties to identify record that are close to each other according to some distance function, such that no additional information other than the result is disclosed to any party. The goals of this research are to use a taxonomy for classifying the different techniques, give an overview of the representative techniques, and present comparative analysis and experimental findings regarding their security, accuracy and performance.

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