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        Hello, my name is York Prado, I am 21 years old and, I am currently attending Christopher Newport University (CNU). I am a full time student studying for a Computer Engineering (CE) and Computer Science (CS) double major. I am under the Department of Physics, Computer Science, and Engineering (PCSE) and plan to Graduate December of 2009.

        To the left of this text is a picture of my family. On the leftmost side of the picture is me, York. In the middle of the picture is my pregnant mother, Michele Guardia. She recently had the baby, Jose, this year and we are all very happy. Lastly, the rightmost person in the picture is my twin brother, Patric. We are a small family but I am thankful and happy of my upbringing.

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Name: York Prado

Address: 4012 Barwood Ct. Tampa, Fl 33624