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I am currently programming with CISL, a machine description language created as part of the CoGenT project. The part of the project that I am involved in is Gist, which is written in CISL and automates instruction selector for compilers. Currently the instruction selector in various compilers must be handwritten, involving thousands of instruction selection for add, sub, div, load, store and such. What Gist do, or trying to do, is output a generic description of instruction selection in an XML file. To use Gist on a specific compiler, all that the compiler programmer have to do is to write an adapter that essentially parse the XML file into the format of the instruction selector for that specific compiler, which is much less intensive than writing thousands lines of code. For this summer, our goal is to get Gist running and tested to make sure it works. Here is the final report that I wrote based on the research throughout the 10 weeks and the final presentation we gave for week 10.