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Elba Garza
Columbia University
SEAS Class of 2011
Computer Science Major

My Mentor:
Hyesoon Kim
Assistant Professor
Georgia Institute of Technology
College of Computing
School of Computer Science

266 Ferst Drive, KACB 2344
Atlanta, GA 30332

Research Experience Goals and Description:

The main purpose of my experience here at Georgia Tech is to gain exposure into the realm of Computer Science Research. I've been lucky enough this summer to be matched to, and mentored by Dr. Hyesoon Kim, an assistant professor here at the Georgia Tech College of Computing.

The research project that I'm attached to for the next ten weeks is concerned with compiler efficiency, more directly the ability of a compiler to "understand" the future usage of its data and to discern best computing efficiency. Details are to come as the project continues.

Update: A few weeks into the research and I've found myself learning much about branch predictors, the x86 ISA, and also the usage of predication as a method to make data-dependent decisions in computing. My research entails the learning of gShare branch prediction knowledge along with basic predication to help identify the presence of loops in the program's algorithm.

Final Report

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Summer 2009