Advantages to Research

The Research Experience and Project, all in all, was a phenomenal experience in that I learnt a lot and I travelled on quite a number of occasions.  I enjoy the travelling aspect of things especially because travelling is my favorite thing to do.  There are a few events that occurred throughout my research experience which may not have all been directly related to my research project.  One main event, was the African American Researchers in the Computing Sciences (AARCS) conference at Microsoft Research, which for me, was the best part of my experience.  I have always wanted to go to Microsoft from I was very young, and I had no idea that it would happen this summer.  Aside from my research project this conference made me think seriously about graduate school and also where I can possible go for graduate school.  At the conference I also made very good contacts at Microsoft Research, which increases my chances of doing research there when I get into graduate school.  
Another good thing about my research experience is that I had a great mentor who is very knowledgeable about many different aspects of Computer Science.  
Throughout my time at Auburn University doing my research, I was also able to go to Church on some occasions, I went to the gym three times a week, I ran every day, I play soccer four times a week and the best part is that I met a lot of people that were both in the field of computer science and others that were not.  I loved this DREU experience and will certainly apply and try to get in the program again in the future.      
This research experience has made more grow to love and appreciate research a lot more than I did previously.  I would like to continue on the path doing research even after this experience.  I was not sure about graduate school before I participated in the DREU program, however, I can say that I will be sending in my applications for graduate school very soon.  Graduate school is mostly composed of research from my understanding, and since I seem to like research I will go on to graduate school and continue that.  

Kindly click on the link below to view a technical paper on my research experience at Auburn University. 
Technical Paper - The DREU Experience