DREU Summer 2009: Robotics Research

Andres Concepcion

Binghamton University

Computer Science and Mathematics 2011
email: aconcep2@binghamton.edu (Feel free to email me any questions you have)

Prof. Elizabeth Sklar

Brooklyn College, CUNY
Prof. Sklar does research in Robotics and is a professor at Broolyn College, a CUNY school at Brooklyn, New York.

Prof. Sklar's homepage

Robotics Research:
Using several applications, player/stage and Mezzanine to create a unique robotic-soccer platform
where all the information is aquired through a single overhead camera.
This is broken into several parts and I have been working on getting multiple robots on player/stage
and sending commands to all or select robots with one command, a feature not currently available on Player/Stage.

Final Report