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Welcome! I'm Ioana and this is my summer research project with DREU 2009. My mentor is Prof. Liqing Zhang in the department of Computer Science at VTech. I am sharing the research experiencience with another DREU participant, Shilpa Nadimpalli.

Our research project has two aims. The first one is to build a pipeline so we can indetify all the retrogenes for any input genome and create a central database for these genes. The second aim is to construct models of retro-duplication that could explain the birth-and-death of retrocopies in the genome. You can find more details about the ongoing project in the description as well as in the journal.



If you want to get in touch with me, please feel free to write me at ioana.bercea at

P.S. The main header for this website is a detail from a beautiful piece done by psion500 at Deviantart. It represents a fractal shaped like a DNA double helix. For more amazing work from him, check out his gallery.