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This summer, I will be working on a joint project with Stephanie Gulley (DREU Student Participant) at Oregon State University under the guidance of Dr. Eugene Zhang. Both Stephanie and I will be doing remeshing work. At this time, our individual projects are not yet specifically defined since we are still learning some of the concepts we will use in our research; however, one of us will focus on rotational symmetry (RoSy) field design while the other will concentrate on surface parameterization. The project involving RoSy field design will attempt to take a quad cover mesh and turn the quads into hexagons in such a way that we can end up with a high quality mesh. The second project, involving surface parameterization, will investigate how to texture a three-dimensional model. Given a high quality mesh, the goal is to be able to take a point on that mesh and map it directly to a point on a texture.