CRA-W DMP Summer 2008

Information About Me:
Name: Michelle Chamberlain
School: CUNY Brooklyn College
Department & Major: Computer Information Science
Grade: Senior
Expected Graduation Date: December 2008
Email Address:

Information About My Mentor:
Name: Dr. Tiffany barnes
School: UNC Charlotte
Department: Computer Science
Areas of Research: Advanced Learning Technologies Artificial Intelligence, particularly used in Learning Environments, Clustering, and Data Mining Bioinformatics, particularly in modeling protein translation using coding theory Effective Teaching Methods Combinatorics, particularly Graph Theory related problems

What The Project Is
I am helping in the creation of a database that will hold data collected from video games that students will play. The database will track their progress in playing various games that teach them basic computer science. I will first design, implement, and then test the database. I will also be creating GUI forms in C# to connect the students to the database, as well as reading some papers and writing literature reviews for them.

Fun Stuff
Final Paper in PDF format