Welcome to jump, Blob, JUMP!, a site detailing my experience as a CRA-W Distributed Mentor Program intern at Carnegie Mellon University's Graphics Lab, located within the Robotics Institute. Well, enough linkage; feel free to get a taste of my summer in Pittsburgh by navigating with the menu to the left! If you're looking for my Final Report, please click here.

Much thanks goes to the DMP, and especially to my mentor, Professor Jessica K. Hodgins. For this layout, I used Alba, a font by Font-a-licious Fonts (currently defunct). The layout itself is an amalgamation of the Maya scene files I worked with for most of the summer and the only bikini I've ever owned. The former contains models of a green blob and a man in a green jacket (coincidence? I think not!) in a checkered environs; the latter is exemplary of a retro-groovy, funktastic aesthetic, which I think is adequately captured by the bold colors, cute blob graphic, and smooth, yet geometric design presented here.

Although this website has been excrutiatingly tweaked to be as cross-browser compatible as possible, Mozilla Firefox is recommended. So, without further ado, enjoy! Any questions, comments, or concerns may be directed towards kkjohnson ( AT ) acm ( DOT ) org. Thank you.