Week One:
Objective: Begin creating a basic XNA practice game implementing key elements of all games.

What was Achieved: I learned how to make bounding boxes which are used in collision detection. I learned how to make it so when you clicked on the screen the screen changes based on where you click. I also learned basic loading and placing of graphics on the screen, as well as the uploading of music into the game.

Game View

Week Two:
Objective: To create a start-up menu for the practice game. To add in a health bar and/or timer for the practice game. To cause fire to spread as time goes by in the practice game.

What Was Achieved: All objectives.

Game Start Up Page
Game View of Fire Spreading

Week Three:
Objective: To create a transparent color map that is read from XNA so that a texture map can be loaded onto the game. I have to try and get it so that the borders between different sections of the map can be read so that information can be given to the player, for example the different types of vegetation on each side of the border, whether the vegetation requires a hot or cool burn.

What Was Achieved: I have the textures loading based upon the color map. I have the background scrolling yet staying within the bounds of the background image.

Color Map
Texture Map Resulting From Color Map

Week Four:
Objective: Getting grass to grow after a burn and remain on the background throughout the rest of the level. Giving the fire setting it's own mode. Create a game over screen. Put crocodiles into the video game and have the game end if you remain too close to the crocodile for a specified amount of time.

What Was Achieved: All objectives

Week Five:
Objectives: Creating a start up menu, a pause menu, a seperation between levels 1 2 and 3, start merging code between my game and jordana's game.

What Was Achieved: All Objectives

Week Six:
Objectives: Create random bouts of rain in the game, put in a indicator of which direction the wind is blowing, put in kangaroos, put in the hunting sequence, make the animals move around the screen, make it rain after a fire has been set but before the grass regrows.

What has been achieved: everything but the hunting scene.

Week Seven:
Objectives: Create A Game desing document to outline the goals of the last few weeks, put in a cultural sensitivities menu, finish levels one and three, make the game tile-based

What has been achieved: I finished all but level one

Screenshot of Game
Screenshot of Game

Week Eight:
Objectives: Finish Levels one, two, and four

What has been achieved: level one is mostly finished

Week Nine:
Objectives: Create classes and methods to make the code more readable, get rid of unneccesary code, merge my code with Jordana's code

What has been achieved: all useless code has been removed, my code is merged with Jordana's, everything has been put into useful descriptive classes and methods to make the code more readable

Solution Names
Set Up Camp Screen
Inventroy Screen
Dry Grass growing Screen

Week Ten:
Objectives: Create a poster, make a presentation, begin final paper, finish as much of game as possible

What has been achieved: the poster is made, we now have a game over screen, began work on final paper

Game Over Screen

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