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Welcome to Maria's DMP webpage


My name is Maria Kazandjieva and thanks to the support of CRA-W DMP I a spending my summer at Princeton University.

This is my first time in New Jersey and I look forward to all the adventures I can get myself into. 

Please use the links to the left to navigate this website. For any questions, comments, and requests you can e-mail me at makazand@mtholyoke.edu

This web site will not be updated after Aug 29th 2006, for latest information on my work and whereabouts please come to www.mtholyoke.edu/~makazand


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About the project


The summer project I will be involved in concens economic models for efficient resource-sharing in distributed networks of mobile devices. I will begin by developing a simulator. The simulator will represent a  network of nodes (or devices) and each device will have certain hardware, software, and spacial characteristics. Each simulated device will also have a trace of events. Events might include communication with other nodes, request of services, etc. After the simulator is build I will be able to devise and test different schemes for allocating resources. What is meant by economic modes is for example the idea of paying for resources, as well as bidding for them.











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