Barbara Hazelwood
Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH
B.S. Computer Science, expected May 2007
3.95 GPA
University Scholar
Dean's List
National Merit Scholarship
Chancellor Scholarship
Neihaus Scholarship
CSEM Scholarship
Related Courses:
Computer Science I
Computer Science II
Machine Organization and Assembly Language
Data Structures and Algorithms
Languages and Automata
Software Engineering
Database Systems
Programming Languages

Technical Experience:
  • Co-Developed a compiler for a subset of the C language, Xavier University, Compilers 2006
  • Helped restructure tables and procedures to support greater release flexibility, Convergys Corp, Internship 2006
  • Explored non object-oriented programming paradigms, Xavier University, Programming Languages 2006
  • Helped develop and support a procedure to generate table-driven web pages, Convergys Corp, Internship 2005
  • Implemented multi-player game-play across a server, Xavier University, Software Engineering 2005
  • Created an algorithm to track business-hour turn around time on ITEMs, Convergys Corp, Software Engineering 2004
  • Implimented data structures (stacks, queues, trees, etc.) to facilitate sorting and searching, Xavier University, Data Structures 2004
  • Explored object-oriented programming style and created simple GUI interfaces, Xavier University, Computer Science II 2004
Databases/Database Support:
  • Database support and development (Work Management System), Convergys Corp, Internship 2005-06
  • Real-world database modeling, Xavier University, Database Systems 2005
  • Database support (Work Management System), Convergys Corp, Internship 2004
Leadership Experience:
  • Vice-President, Xavier University, Computer Science Club 2005-06
  • Secretary, Xavier University, Computer Science Club 2004-05
  • Student Leader, New Life Community Church, Youth Group 2003-04
  • Music Leader, New Life Community Church, Youth Group and Congregation 2002-2006
Teamwork Experience:
  • Internship, Convergys Corp, 2004-06
  • Theater, Xavier University, 2004-06
  • Pair-Programming, Xavier University, 2005-06
  • Fencing Team, Xavier University, 2003-05
  • Team Policy Debate, NCFCA (Speach & Debate League), 2000-01
Research/Writing Experience:
  • Competitive Platform Speaking, NCFCA, 2002-03
  • Lincoln-Douglas Value Debate, NCFCA, 2002-03
  • Team Policy Debate, NCFCA, 2000-01

Technical Skills:
  • Environments: PC, Mac, Linux
  • Languages: Java, C++, SQL, HTML, Javascript, Logo, Ruby, Oz
  • Software: Eclipse, Oracle, SQL Navigator, SQL Plus, Unix, Elica, Mozart, Microsoft Office
Others Skills:
  • Persuasive, expository, and interpersonal communication
  • Non-fiction/Technical writing
  • Artistic/Creative design

  • Year-Round Intern: Database Development, Convergys Corporation, Manager: Kimberly Leonard, 2005-06
  • Summer Intern: Database Support, Convergys Corporation, Manager: William R. Clark, 2004
  • Painter, Hazelwood Remodeling, Employer: Frank Hazelwood, 2000-02