Barbara Hazelwood  |  Undergraduate Researcher, Distributed Mentor Project, Summer 2006
Myself: My Mentor:
Name: Barbara Hazelwood
Age: 21
E-mail Address:
School: Xavier University
Department: Mathematics & Computer Science
Major: Computer Science
Current Standing: Senior, 3.95 GPA, Graduating May '07
Experience: My Resumé
Name: Lori L. Pollock
School: University of Delaware
Department: Computer and Information Sciences
Focuses of Research:
Progam Analysis for Compiler Optimization
Software Testing
Mobile Code Integrity
Aspect-Oriented Programming
Parallell and Distributed Systems
Hello, and welcome to my 2006 DMP Website. I heard about the Distributed Mentor Project through my professors at Xavier University, where I am currently a senior Computer Science major. I was very cozy in my intership at Convergys, where I work developing and supporting an internal database system with a great group of people, but I decided that I needed to spread my wings a little bit further this summer, get out of Cincinnati, get my fingers into some research, and see what other directions my interest in Computer Science could take me.
Through the DMP, I have been placed with Lori Pollock at the University of Delaware. I will be working on the Web-Application Testing Team, which consists of Ph.D Students Sreedevi Sampath, Sara Sprenkle, and Emily Gibson, along with another undergraduate DMP researcher, Holly Esquivel.
Holly and I have been given a broad team objective:
To create an open-source, extensible, freely avialable tool that web application testers can use to visualize the differences in the returned HTML results from executing web applications, in order to ease the burden of web application testers to locate faults. More project information.
The Fruits of Our Labor
Visualization Tool:
As of August 2006, our tool is not yet available to the public.
Technical Report [view pdf]:
This paper is a co-operative effort between my partner, Holly Esquivel, and myself. It is a preliminary draft of a paper which is under submission. Please respect our intellectual property and do not reproduce without permission.
My DMP Experience
The Research Process: My Weekly Log
Other Random Musings: In Which I Stop to Smell the Roses
Scope for the Imagination: My Summer Reading List