The DMP Program
--some background on the dmp program itself--

The Distributed Mentor Program (DMP) is a 10-week summer research process, sponsored by the Computing Research Association. The DMP focuses specifically on recruiting women to enter the research and graduate areas of computer science and computer engineering. It accomplishes this goal by pairing female undergraduates with faculty members at various graduate institutions around the United States. The students actively participate in and produce formal research and author formal research papers and posters on their work. The program introduces participants to the life of a graduate student and also gives them an edge in graduate school applications.

More specifically, DMP@TAMU places a number of female computer science and computer engineering students with various members of Texas A&M's computer science department; some of the students work alone under a professor on their own projects, while others may join a group of graduate and undergraduate students working on ongoing projects. Participants are paired with a faculty mentor whose research interests match their own, and the pair decides together what exactly the student's contribution to the project will be. The students work in various offices around the Computer Science department, alongside other graduate and undergraduate students.

Outside of the graduate office, DMP@TAMU also provided us with a number of outings, both social and school-related. We were enrolled in a GRE seminar to learn how to effectively study for the GRE and attended lunches by various faculty members, who shared their research and experiences with us, including a seminar on the ethics of research, one on technical writing, and one by the designer of C++. We were put up in a dorm on campus and assigned roommates who, if they weren't on the DMP program, were participating in similar summer research opportunities. We spent most of our free time hanging out together; different people did everything from Cold Stone runs to sand volleyball to tubing to Rangers/Astros games to happy hour jaunts to camping to movie nights, making for a fun social side to the summer.