Research at UMass

It's the summer of 2005 in western Massachusetts. Glorious canopies of leaves cast shifting shadows across the green, finches warble and squeak from the flower-laden branches, shy rabbits twitch their velvety noses in the clover... and Laura Strickman sits in her air-conditioned cubicle, staring at a box and typing all day.

(But she likes it. Honest.)

News and Updates

7/29/05 - I'm finished! Check out the fruit of my labors, my Final Report. The My Project section has also been updated: it now has exponentially averaged plots, as well as copies of all of my java code and bash scripts. So long, UMass. It's been a pleasure.

7/20/05 - The Two Heap algorithm and the new sliding-window share plots have been added to the My Project section. I've also started work on my Final Report; mainly reading other people's papers so far, but ideas for my own are beginning to germinate.

7/13/05 - The My Project section has been updated with the In Order algorithm, a link to the results chart, and several new integral plots. The Journal continues to be updated regularly.

6/29/05 - The My Project section is up, complete with the algorithms for the Simple Linear and Start-End schedulers and images of all the plots I've been generating.

6/28/05 - Now the Journal is bursting with content. Updates should be coming weekly. The FAQ has been expanded, too. Next up: a description of my project.

6/27/05 - The website is up! Most of it's empty as of yet, but over the next week or two it should blossom into... a bigger website. Right now, the only real content is in the About Me, My Mentor, and FAQ sections. Welcome! Make yourself at home!