My Mentor

This is YY Zhou,  my adviser for the project.  She is a professor at UIUC.  Her area of interest is in Operating Systems.  Her group is known as the OPERA group, which you can find out more about from my home page.

When we first arrived she helped us get acquinted with her current graduate students by inviting us to her home.   

We had meetings every Weds and talked about the progress of the projects and problems I've had.  She's good at giving advice and encouragements and once in a while positive criticism.   She is very dedicated to her work and her students.  She stays in the office until 10-11 sometimes helping  her students with their paper deadlines. 

She also hosts paper presentations every week and gave us feedbacks on them.  In the beginning I was very nervous and terrified to do the presentations, but I'm glad I did them in the end.  It was a very fruitful experience.  Check out my slides in the final report link.  She even took us out for Ice Cream once after the paper presentation :)

I'd like to thank her for teaching me so much about research.   You can find out more about YY here