This summer, I would like to improve my researching skills.  I have done some research in the past, but I can definitely use some experience in reading and presenting papers.  A very important part of this research is learning to research and learning to do a good job of the research while I'm at it.  The final goal of this research is to publish a paper.

Project Description:
I will be working with the Operating System research on Energy, Reliability, and Autonomy (Opera) research group at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under the mentorship of Professor Yuanyuan Zhou.  My project involves efficient architectural support for software debugging.  I will be furthering the research of Pin Zhou, Feng Qin, Wei Liu, Yuanyuan Zhou, and Josep Torrellas on the iWatcher project.  The iWatcher is architectural support for monitoring memory locations to track down hard-to-find and/or dangerous bugs such as updates through aliased pointers and stack-smashing attacks.  Along with furthering this research, the other DMP intern Qing (Christene) and I will present research papers that are related to our research projects once a week.  For me, this amounts to either presenting a paper once every two weeks, or teaming up with Qing and presenting a paper every week.