This summer I am working on a tutorial for Professor Howe's graduate level artificial intelligence course. To write this tutorial I will read about different search algorithms, and then implement them. We will use this code to show examples in the tutorial. Professor Howe thought it would be best for me to start with a local search algorithm for the Job-Shop Problem. Following the completion of that I will move on to the Tabu Search, and GRASP algorithms.

Progress Journal

Week 1 (May 25th)

Week 2 (June 1)

Week 3 (June 7)

Week 4 (June 14)

Week 5 (June 21)

Week 6 (June 28)

Week 7 (July 5)

Week 8 (July 12)

Week 9 (July 19)

Week 10 (July 26)

Final Report

Final Report (in post script format)

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