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my picture Sharlita Stevenson
2004 participant in DMP

Parasol Laboratory
Department of Computer Science
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3112

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E-mail: lita@hotmail.com
Office: 419C HRBB


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Background Info
Research Plan
My Journal
Final paper

Background Info:

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Research Plan:

My current project centers around mobile ad hoc network( MANET ). MANET is a collaborative group of mobile nodes forming a network which incorporates wireless communication links between nodes. I will study the renaming problem in MANETs. In the renaming problem, each node begins with a unique id drawn from a large space of possible ids and each node must choose a new unique id drawn from a significantly smaller space of ids. This problem has been studied extensively in traditional wired, static networks (Attiya et al. 1990). On application in MANETS for solutions to this problem, identified by Vaidya (2002), is the automatic dynamic assignment of IP addresses to nodes --- in a MANET it is not usually feasible to rely on a central server to assist with this process and MAC addresses or serial numbers are too long for some routing protocols to handle. Vaidya (2202) weakens the problem statement by allowing the new ids (the IP addresses in his application) to not be unique with some small probability; he then proposes a solution that ensures that, even if duplicate addresses are chosen all packets sent to the same address will be delivered to the same node (which is one of the nodes with that address).

In addition to Vaidya's algorithm, I will study the more general renaming algorithms of Attiya et al. in order to determine in what ways they fail to work, or fail to work efficiently, in a MANET, and to develop modifications, as necessary, for the MANET environment. The TAMUSim simulator (under development in Dr. Welch's research group) will be used to automate these various algorithms. The TAMUSim simulator is aimed at helping people understand the behavior of MANET algorithms by providing support for simulating example executions and possible counter-examples. As I explore the behavior of the renaming algorithms, I will look for other improvements and/or variations on the algorithms and also automate them with TAMUSim, and compare them with the previous versions. The ultimate goal of my research is to come up with efficent new algorithms for doing renaming in MANETs; my summer work will be laying the foundations for this larger term goal.

Hagit Attiya, Amotz Bar-Noy, Danny Dolev, David Peleg, and Ruediger Reischuk, "Renaming in an Asynchronous Environment," Journal of the ACM, vol. 37, no. 3, July 1990, pp. 524-528.

Nitin Vaidya, "Weak Duplicate Address Detection in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks," Proceedings ACM MOBIHOC, 2002. pp.206-216.

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My Journal:

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