CCR Concert June 16

CCR Concert June 16

Don't mess with Texas

When making this page the joke was that my experience so far has been too fun for words. I love this place and I will try my best to explain why.

The Nightlife

Before I arrived in College Station I thought I would be left out of all the fun because I'm not 21, well here everything is 18 and over, so as long as you're 18 you can go anywhere.

The places we like to go are the Dixie Chicken, which is a casual bar/restaurant scene where everyone sits down at a table and plays dominoes. Another good place to go is the Hall, it's a huge dance hall where they play about ten minutes of country then about ten minutes of rap. Which brings me to two-stepping, it's a dance that everyone seems to know here, I learned the basics within about a few hours of being in Texas.
I still have another 8 weeks to experience the nightlife so by the end of the summer this page will be full

the porch

Front Porch Sittin'

Before coming to Texas I listened to what they call in Texas "Nashville Country", in the songs they're always talking about doing a lot of front porch sitting, I thought that was a joke but the first weekend I was here I discovered a couple of neighbors upstairs who put a couch on their porch so everyone could sit out there. The couch is gone already but our new summer goal is to save the couch and prove that it isn't a fire hazard. For now we sit on the floor and are waiting for the couch to come back!

Our Summer Mission


Mexico is about a six hour drive from College Station. My second weekend here a couple of friends were taking a road trip to see Pat Green, I went along for the ride and it was awesome. Six hours in the car is a long time, but it was so worth it. I've been to a few concerts in San Diego but none of them were as much fun as this one. The concert was in the Corona Club in Mexico and by the time we got there the place was packed, within an hour our clothes were completely soaked through with sweat but the concert was so good nobody even cared. We were all standing in the front and toward the end the girl next to me got hit in the face by a microphone stand so I was standing in the very front and I shook hands with Pat Green. Pat Green isn't that big in California, he just had a number one hit a couple of months ago so I only knew a few songs but I loved it anyway.

Me and Some of the Boys

Mexican Mondays

Almost every Monday night this summer we would all get together for Mexican Monday. We'd have margaritas, a keg of Ziegenbock and tacos. It was a great way to get the week started!

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