Week 1:  Read up about the various metric distance algorithms such as  adjacency metric, precedence metric,

swapping metric, and  position metric.

Week 2:  Began implementation of adjacency metric algorithm.

Week 3:  Implemented the adjacency metric and precedence metric algorithms.

Week 4:  Implemented the positional metric and swapping algorithms. Began implementing an algorithm that finds the "paths" of the swapping process. A "path" is the set of permutations obtained while swapping to produce one permutation from another.

Week 5:  Completed the implementation of the path-finding algorithm. Participated in Making Computers Friendly - A Seminar for High School Women by assisting the students with creating java programs.

Week 6:  Used the path finding algorithm and additional code supplied by graduate student Mark Roberts to evaluate the paths of the swapping algorithm. The steps are as follows: use the path-finding algorithm to output a step along the path. Build a schedule using the permuatation of the step. Find the evaluation of that schedule.

Week 7:  Continued work on fiding the evaluations of the steps along the paths of the swapping algorithm. Created graphs and charts of the results I found this summer. Began writing the final paper for DMP. Helped teach an introduction to web design class for high school students at a camp at CSU.

Week 8:  Completed the final paper for the DMP.