Dong-Hui Xu
DMP Experience 2003

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I am an undergraduate student in my senior year at DePaul University, Chicago, majoring in Computer Science. I am very excited that I was selected to participate in CRA-W's prestigious Distributed Mentor Project. This summer I am working on a project which will enhance the functionality of The Virtual Research Vessel Educational Tool (VRV-ET).


The VRV-ET enables geoscientists to upload new information and breakthroughs to a web-based data repository. Teachers and students can access the repository and create their own presentation and material. The evolving repositories will be more effective if they can be quickly and effectively searched for specific content.

Goal of the Project:

We will develop and implement an appropriate indexing scheme, ranking technique and user-friendly interface for an image and text retrieval system, which has the following functionalities:

  • easy to use
  • fast retrieval
  • makes use of our back-end data base
  • extendible


    I am indebted to a number of individuals from DePaul CTI as well as from University of Oregon. Dr. Raicu encouraged me to participate in this program, helped me in the application process and wrote a recommendation letter for me. Dr. Sedgwick and Dr. Jones provided me with valuable advice as well as recommendations.

    Professor Cuny showed me the big picture of this project, and gave me a starting point. She patiently guided me through each step of the project while still allowing me to develop my own thoughts. This helped me to improve my ability to work independently. Josh, a research assistant, volunteered to help me out on many aspects of this project, such as setting up computer systems and designing generic modules for the indexing-parsing system. Debby, my partner, shared her thoughts with me and enhanced my understanding of the project. They all have inspired, taught, and helped me along the way.