Hi, my name is Olga Tkachyshyn and this site is about my Summer 2003 undergraduate research experience in Computer Science through the Distributed Mentor Project. I attend Western Oregon University and will be graduating in June of 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Mathematics degree.

- My HOME page will tell you more about me.
- The Location page will tell you about my explorations of Texas.
- The Mentor page is about Nancy Amato and the grad students that answered my countless questions.
- The Project page is about STAPL, the project I joined.
- The My Part: pArray explains the specific part of STAPL I worked on.
- The Paper page contains my final report.
- My experience is summarized in my Journal .

I enjoyed every minute of this invaluable personal and professional experience and would definitely recommend it to anybody.

San Antonio, TX

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