A Summer at TAMU (2003)

Apparently the heat didn't make a big enough impression on me last summer, because I'm once again back in College Station, TX for another summer of research. I must admit, though, that the heat is not the reason I came back. Neither was it the university, because Texas A&M is bit too conservative for my preferences. Actually, it was the wonderful experience I had last summer working with an absolutely awesome advisor and mentor, Dr. Nancy Amato and with the great bunch of people who work in the PARASOL lab.

These pages contain an account of my marvelous experience in College Station for a second summer. I can honestly say that this summer was even better than the last. I have met many wonderful people, made great progress on RNA folding, and grown personally. Texas will always hold pleasent memories. Thanks to the Distributed Mentor Program and my advisor Dr. Nancy Amato! I hope that the DMP program will continue to offer research experiences to female undergraduates for a long time to come.

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