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Week 8 (July 8 - 14)

User Study Lesson 7: Communicate clearly with survey participants, especially senior participants.
Worked on website.

Week 8 This week we had difficulty initiating the second pilot because our participant has not received the paperwork within the normally expected amount of time. In an initial telephone conversation I quickly confirmed the participant's address with the participant; however later in the week, when she still had not received the paperwork, it was confirmed in an e-mail that we had the numbers of the address reversed.

User Study Lesson 7: Communicate clearly with survey participants and confirm participant information before initiating the survey. I found this especially important when communicating with senior participants. Due to different hearing abilities and other factors, there were several occassions when the participant asked me to speak louder and slower.

I spent a lot of time this week putting the website together.

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