Readings in HCI

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A fair amount of my time this summer involved reading about HCI - an area I was pretty much unfamiliar with before starting.  I took part in the Ph.D. students' prelim reading group (the Ph.D. students have to read approximately 40 articles for an oral exam).  The reading list is a comprehensive collection of key HCI articles and themes.  To access the list go to:

I also read, as needed and of interest, selections from the Berkeley CS 160: User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation.  The course was taught by Prof. James Landay in Spring 2002, and its reading list can be found at: 

The CS 160 will be taught by my mentor Prof. Jen Mankoff in the Fall of 2002.

I also searched and accessed articles through the Digital Library of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) .  To access the articles, either you or your institution must buy a subscription to the ACM.

Comments and analysis of specific readings can be found in my journal entries.