Some details of my internship:

How I got here

I heard about the Mentorship program through Krista, a good friend of mine who participated in this program last year. I wasn't sure what I would be doing for the summer, so I decided to apply. I never would have thought of coming to Boston to do it, but thats where they decided to place me and thats how I am here. At that time I didn't know anyone in this area and had no idea where I was going to live. But through some friends of mine, I found a place to stay and gotten to know people in the process.

General information

I was matched up with Professor Betke at Boston University. The main goal of the Mentorship program is to encourage women to go to graduate school by giving them a little idea of what graduate level research is like. My main job is to assist Harry in his research. For more information check below.

My mentor

Professor Margrit Betke, PhD : Professor Betke is an assocaite professor at Boston University. Her area of research is comuter vision. She is working with doctors for the detection of nodules in lung contours. Her motivation is to reduce the time taken to identify cancerous nodules to increase chances of survival. She was selected by the CRA mentorship program to mentor Katelyn and I for the summer.

Graduate students and DMP participant

Daily schedule