Living, eating, travelling

Where I am staying for the summer

This summer I am living with Paul and Nancy Reid. It has been fun living with them. I didn't really know them till I came here. But they were gracious to host me for the ten weeks. They have four sons, John 18, David 17, Daniel 15 and Mark 11. There are two more important members of the family, their dogs, Buck and Terra. The Reids will be on vacation from the 19th of July till the 15th of August. So I get to take care of the dogs and also the house.

How I get to work every day

I take the bus to work every day. I have to take a bus to Watertown Square and then another bus to BU. It takes about an hour each way. It gets pretty long but I get to read on the bus. So it makes it go faster.

The church I attend this summer

Paul Reid is the pastor of Waltham Evangelical Free Church . I attended that church with them. Its been a blessing getting to know people from that church and also worshipping with them. Its been great getting to know the college/career age group even though most of them are a few years older than me. I will probably be playing the piano at church sometime. After Sunday evening service, Nikki, a friend of mine and I go back into the sanctuary and have our own little worship service. Well, we were caught in the act, so they are trying to recruit us for worship. It should be fun.