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This page contains contact information for all the members of this project. From here you can send e-mail to project members, or visit their personal home pages.

Denise Nikcevich

I am currently finishing up my Bachelor of Science in Computer at Wayne State University.  I was selected to participate in the CRA-W Distributed Mentor Project for 2002.

I am a System Administrator of IBM Unix systems at EDS as well as a part-time student. My interests in Computer Science reside in Distributed Systems at the moment. I have obtained several Unix Certifications while pursuing this degree.

I have many other interests outside Computer Science, but like every other student that has to balance work and school, I would have to say, "Who has time!" This degree is my second degree. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance.

I can be reached via email: cs4275@mercury.cs.wayne.edu

Dr. Monica Brockmeyer

My mentor is Dr. Monica Brockmeyer, a professor at Wayne State University with the Department of Computer Science.

Dr. Jon Brewster

My project this summer is performance optimization of Evolve IV: "A Simulation of the Evolution of Interspecific Dependencies", a computer model of an evolvable ecosystem, written by Dr. Jon Brewster, a professor at Wayne State University.

A group photo of Dr. Monica Brockmeyer, myself, and Dr. Jon Brewster.


I have always been fortunate to have a wonderful family and warm, caring friends.

To my family that did not see much of me this summer.  Thank you for understanding.  

I have special computer geek friends that I would like to thank:

R. Scott Bailey


Computer geek extraordinaire, for his keen nerdly suggestions and the use of buzz, wombat, and sparky

Cary Weatherhead, a friend and classmate that as soon as he heard that I got this project, sent me optimization links and has listened to me talk about it the entire summer. Thank you for the use of orkney for testing of this website.

Words are barely enough to express my gratitude.

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and sings it back to you when you have forgotten how it goes.  -Anonymous