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I worked with the Structural Informatics Group, at the University of Washington Medical Center, on The Digital Anatomist Information System project .

My initial work involved getting familiarised with the various components of the system like the Founadational Model of Anatomy, which forms the basis of the system. For the first few weeks I worked the Digital Anatomist Image Collection Manager. The Image Manager is an interface for the user(medical students,anatomy teachers and of course an inquisitve layman) to store, browse a varied collection of anatomical imges. I worked on adding a new functionality of the system.

Moving on, I got very interested in working on Content based Image Retrieval. Prof. Shapiro is an expert in the area, and since the project at that momet was dealing with images and 3 D models, I decided to create an Interface to the Image database, which would retrive images based on the content and not only on the 'name ' by which they were stored. This required Image Prcessing.

At University of Washington, an Undergraduate Research Symposium is organised for the summer students working at various labs, we summarise and present our work there. I participated in the symposium and presented my work.