This is the last week of my research work here. I got access code to ADIFOR 2.0 from Rice University, installed the software, and started learning how to use it. I also worked on my final report and website.

I had a great summer this year. I worked with wonderful people and definitely learned a lot and had a great opportunity of meeting researchers and getting a sense of academic life, which I loved. Now I have no doubt about getting higher education in computer science and entering graduate school.

To all students who read this report and wonder about canadian mentorship project with CRA-W, I certainly encourage you to visit the website and apply for it. You are going to meet wonderful people and learn a lot. Good Luck

I would like to thank Dr. Keith De'Bell, Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering and Dr. Ruth Shaw, Chair of the Department of Applied Statistics and Computer Science at UNB, Saint John for their continuous support of this research project.