The research project that my professor and I are working on is:

"Effects of communication media on parallel algorithm for a cluster"

We started our project with a meeting to plan all the things that must be done during the course of this research project. I have been asked to write an outline of the things that I must work on. At the end of the meeting I left my professor's office with 3 huge books about clusters and parallel programming.

Clusters are a very new concept to me. I started my work by reading books and searching the net for this concept. I also found many articles on this topic and looked at a 2002 parallel processing conference proceeding for the related works that have been done.

I now have a clear idea about clusters and parallel programming. I also have a good idea about challanges that hardware professionals are facing in producing more efficient cluster computers with low latency and high bandwidth connectivity.

The list below is some but not all of the web sites that are useful in this topic.