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I worked on two different main topics during the course of this summer project. First one was developing a Performance-Monitoring Tool for our cluster of computers, Fjord that can be used by our students and faculty members. I submitted a paper about this project, which got accepted, and I will present it at AACE 2002 World Conference on E-Learning, October 17th in Montreal, Canada. The outline and summary of the project can be viewed here.
Here,I would like to thank Dr. Keith De'Bell, Dean of Faculty of Science and Engineering and Dr. Ruth Shaw, Chair of the Department of Applied Statistics and Computer Science at UNB, Saint John for their continuous support of this research project.

Screen Shot & Graphs

I also worked on Automatic Differentiation Tools. There has been a little work done on automatic differentiation regarding parallelism and we are going to look at different approaches to differentiate functions in parallel environment. This approach is more efficient and scales up to large computer programs with thousands and thousands lines of code.

Automatic Differentiation tools
Automatic Differentiation
Automatic Differentiation Tools
Automatic Differentiation in the context of ECCO
What is Automatic Differentiation?
Automatic Differentiation of Parallel Programs
Automatic Differentiation of c/c++