Some Pictures of the UE Campus

The most well known view of the University of Evansville campus is the Front Oval. It is one of my favorite places to sit and read or get a good game of Frisbie going; The Front Oval features a beautiful view of the Olmstead building. I believe it is named after a previous president of the school. Many campus events are held here.
Front Oval

Next in line is a closer picture of the Olmstead building. This building holds many of the administration offices on campus including: Registrar, Student Accounts, Financial Aid (I've spent a lot of time in this building with just those offices), President's Office, the radio, and many more.

Below is part of the Koch Center for Science and Engineering, better known as my home away from home! I think I've spent more time in this building than my own dorm! All of my CS and math classes are in this building. It has just been remodelled so the picture is not complete. This is the part of Koch Center from the 1940's (my favorite part to look at)
Koch Center

This last picture is Hughes Hall, the dorm I've lived in for the last 3 years and going on my fourth! It's been a great place to live for these years and I've met a lot of great people by living there!
Hughes Hall

These pictures were taken from the UE website. If you wish to see more of the campus I recommend checking out the virtual tour at the UE website.