Some Pictures of the UK Campus

Below is W.T. Young Library, a central building on campus! It's nickname is the Death Star which from its massive size!
Young Library

Next in line is Memorial Hall, this is a well-known building on campus! The shape of the steeple is used in the UK symbol. If you look closely between the U and the K, the outline of the steeple can be seen!
Memorial Hall

Now we're looking at ASTECC, which is the building I worked in, although some nights it felt like I lived in as well! It houses many labs for graduate students in science or engineering fields!

Here is Anderson Hall which is where the Computer Science Department, and more importantly, my mentor are located! ASTECC and Anderson Hall are connected so Dr. Goldsmith was just a hop, skip, and jump away! Currently, the front of Anderson Hall is under construction so this picture will soon be outdated!
Anderson Hall

This is Maxwell Place, which is where the President of UK lives. It has a very large yard with very pretty landscaping!
Maxwell Place

This last picture is of the Newman Center, a church very close to campus that I attend when I'm here! It is really wonderful!
Newman Center

These pictures were taken from the UK website