Summer Time

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

The summer has flown by. Providence has been a great city to explore, even though I have ended up spending most of my weekends traveling elsewhere! I've included a couple of pictures from my adventures to acquaint you with my favorite people and places.

my house CIT building
This is the house on Williams Street that I share with six other students. Home away from home. Although I still keep my toothbrush at home for the sake of appearances, I spend most of my time here.
view of the canal capital at night
The scenic riverwalk welcomes you to Providence's East Side! On the hill is the capital building. Believe it or not, it's pretty popular here to hang out by the canal at night, particularly during WaterFire, an outdoor art event.
my office Nicole, Amy and me
My office and trusty Linux box. Notice the lack of clutter. This means the picture was taken on my last day! Nicole, Amy and me.