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The Amazing Maize Maze

We definitely lucked out with the weather, it was a beautiful day to go wondering around in a corn maze! The average time for travelers navigating this maze, which is modeled after a picture inspired by the Wizard of Oz, is approximately 2 hours. We split up into three groups: boys vs. girls, and Katie and Ben. Making it out in a mere 27 minutes, the girls had the best time of the day. The boys, on the other hand, did not have the same luck and took over three hours! Katie and Ben made it out a few minutes after the girls. Luckily for everyone, there was plenty to do once outside the maze so the waiting wasn't too unbearable.

Dave, Amie and Ben are getting ready to enter the maze. Last year Amie and Mike got the best maze time, and Ben the worst.

Katie and Ben are ready for anything!

Lauren and Lindsay try to get a better view of the maze from inside.

The map pieces that helped guide us out of the maze.

We're almost to the end!

Ah, riding down the road to the fastest time.

Since we had the fastest time yet that day, we got our names on the record board.

Katie and Ben found a look out point.

Katie sips some water while the locomotive train whizzes past behind her.

And the wait begins.

Katie and Ben found their way out and are resting a bit before they go back in to find all the map pieces.

And the boys finally made it!
(We were a little bit worried.)

A little tired, a little worse for wear, but they got all the map pieces!

Mike reflects on his experience in the maize maze.

Let's just say I got a little too much sun!

A little aloe and I'll be fine.