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Dinner at Lori's

Dinner at my mentor's house isn't always as exciting, but it usually is about once a summer. Before the meal begins, each diner selects their personalized course list by putting a number (1, 2, 3, or 4) by seemingly unrelated items such as August, flag, ocean, water, etc. Each of the items corresponded to a useful dinner item: spoon, fork, knife, toothpick, napkin, spaghetti, salad, bread sticks, peas, soup, ice cream, and pie. My courses were:
  • Course 1: ice cream, soup, toothpick
  • Course 2: napkin, knife, fork
  • Course 3: spaghetti, spoon, peas
  • Course 4: salad, bread sticks, pie
As you can see below, it was definitely one of the most entertaining dining experiences I've ever had!

Laura looks thrilled to be eating spaghetti with her fingers, and Ben looks like he's having a pretty rough time with just a knife.

Laura is using the croutons from her salad to eat her ice cream, while Lori uses her spoon.

It's hard to eat soup and ice cream without utensils!

Ice cream goes down smooth out of a bowl.

My second course was great - I got a knife, fork, and a napkin.... but no food!

Emily's place is empty, while Mike eats chunky vegetable soup with his fingers.

Amie's husband Mike licks his pie plate making sure not to leave a single morsel behind! Ben is still going strong as he nibbles his salad with his fingers.

Lori's husband civilly eats his spaghetti with a fork while Amie uses her knife to eat her ice cream sundae.

Mike continues to eat his soup with his fingers as Amie licks some remaining chocolate syrup from her knife.

Everyone takes note of Amie's idea for consuming her ice cream, in case they need to make use of a similar technique later.

The spectacle continues!

Mike is having no trouble eating his spaghetti!

Mike is sampling the ice cream.

The caesar dressing burns the tongue a little without fingers or utensils!