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Living in Kent...

The lovely Kent Hall dormitory where I resided over the summer with my fellow students in the Undergraduate Research Program.

Kent Hall is actually connected to four other residence halls, two flanking either side.

The dorms facing Kent across the mall.

Further up the mall towards Main Street is Memorial Hall which plays the Delaware Alma Mater every hour!

The lovely (but tiny!) room Katie and I shared over the summer.

My friend Keith who just graduated from TCNJ is attending UD in the fall to pursue his PhD in Computer Science. He came by a couple times this summer to visit and I showed him around Newark.

Ainey, along with a few others, came over the Atlantic from Imperial College of London to conduct Research at the University of Delaware over the summer.

George played a mean game of frisbee.

Susanna is super nice and tons of fun - when I go back to Delaware this fall I'll have to visit her for a shopping excursion!

Three Imperial College students from left to right: Julia (from Germany), Helen (London), and Ainey (Malaysia). They were really fun to know!

Some UD students and some Imperial college students being silly.

Susanna and Helen sobering for the camera after their bout of rowdiness in the previous shot.

All my buds from the dorm!