Emily's Affectable_Frames "Algorithm"
Version 1.1
June 14, 2002

function Affectable_Frames.

Input: T: current FDT
Input: D: Document node to be ananlyzed
Output: Set FrameList of affectable frames (or possible target frames) for D

Let PathToRoot = D

Let FrameList = null

Let n = current node = D // marker

Until n = TopFrame(T) do

n = parent of n

PathToRoot = PathToRoot + n

For each document node d in PathToRoot
For each subframe f of d do // subframes recursively include all child frames
FrameList = FrameList + f
return FrameList

end Affectable\_Frames.

The purpose of this algorithm is to discern the scope of documents in FDTs where more than one frame has the same name. The scope of a document is the set of frames that can be affected by links and JavaScript within this non-frames document page. In context of the paper, frame names must be distinct (for implementation) but in practice this is not always the case. Documents may create frames of the same name, as in my leaflist example. As a consequence, the algorithm also determines frames that could be concurrently displayed in a given browser window. This fact makes it possible for a web application testing suite to also test the validity of target frames within document anchor tags.